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Elizabeth’s Vintage Shop. Vintage Clothing, Vintage Holiday and so much more.

Elizabeth's Shop

Let me tell you about the best kept secret in New Jersey.

Have you ever been to Elizabeth’s Vintage Shop at the flea market on rt. 29 about a mile south of Lambertville? If not then you’ve missed a delightful treasure trove of pure vintage. Go up the small hill at the top of the market and enter a shop like no other. You’ll find racks bursting with vintage clothing from the Victorian era to the 1980’s. Each garment is presented in pristine condition – washed and neatly pressed.

Her selection includes vintage gloves, purses, lace trims, appliques, millinery details and her specialty – vintage hats. It’s spring now and the shop is filled to the brim with floral hats in bright summer colors. White Victorian blouses, floral summer dresses, neat linen frocks, cool silk and rayon lingerie, light spring sweaters, really so much to take in and so many wonderful choices.

Elizabeth also carries a large collection of vintage perfume related items along side showcases packed with vintage holiday memorabilia. If you’re looking for that special 1950’s stuffed rabbit for your Easter celebration you’re sure to find it here. Are you still searching for that Santa Claus ornament you remember since childhood? Elizabeth probably has it tucked away in a corner shelf.

There aren’t many shops like Elizabeth’s left and entering it is really like taking a trip back in time.

Shop is open Wed/ Sat and Sunday.

Here are some very recent pictures of the shop. Hope you enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Vintage Shop. Vintage Clothing, Vintage Holiday and so much more.

  1. You are so correct about Elizabeth’s Vintage Store…is is just packed with goodies. To put the “topping on the cake,” she is a sweetie! Thanks for bringing her shop to life.

  2. Looks fabulous to bad I haven’t been to Jersey in awhile… the best thrifts I have been to recently outside of my home state (Wisconsin) were on Cape Cod. They actually have a little travel map or guide to point them out to visitors. I thought that was kind of a cool first for me a visitors guide to all the second hand shops complete with map. It was fun to go from town to town and shop to shop.

  3. I agree, Cape Cod is a great area for antiquing and vacationing. Besides the shops that are scattered all over the cape there are always a few outdoor fairs going on especially during the summer.
    Maybe I’ll get there this summer and write a post about it.
    I’ve even been to Wisconsin and found a few interesting things.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by and thanking you for the blog post – it truly helped

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