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Future Fashion of the Past

Future Fashion

Check out this newsreel from the 1930’s depicting imagined fashions for the year 2000. Aside from being a campy trip into the future, it seems to me that, most of the predictions are off the mark with only a few alluding to things actually going on today. Many of the fashions depicted are obviously rooted in the 1930’s aesthetic with only some minor tweaks here and there. I did like the futuristic man and his personal telephone [later to be known as a cell phone], but he basically looks like he stepped off the set of a 30’s Buck Rogers movie and forgot to take the salad bowl off his head.

I remember going to the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The most exciting exhibit was the GM Futurama ride. The exhibit transported fair visitors through dioramas of space, under water scapes, tree killing machines in the Amazon and highways that spanned the globe. Everything looked as though it came out of the Star Trek series. This was to be the future. Massive cities, snaking highways and no mention whatsoever of ecology. Most of the predictions were also rooted in that time period and precious few actually came to be. Looking back they seem like quaint visions with of a not very realistic future.

I guess it’s not easy for designers to divorce themselves from contemporary designs and styles and truly imagine a revolutionary new clothing design or a new future world. When a designer does come up with a new revolutionary idea …… then that’s true genius.

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  1. Always fun reading your blogs! I loved the hairdo with the “horn” shoved through it! It made me think I have an old 1940s or 50s noise maker horn…perhaps I’ll try this for next New Year! What a blast! Linda

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