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Men’s Hats – Revived Fashion Statement

Straw Hat

Men’s hats have been around since pre history although it wasn’t until the 19th century that most modern hat forms originated. The top hat and bowler tended to represent the authority of the aristocracy while the softer informal felt and straw hatsĀ  were usually associated with artists, intellectuals and country folk. Most of these hats exist to his day. During our recent modern history the hat seems to have been retired as a fashion accessory but more recently they seem to be coming back. More and more gentlemen are discovering the value of this wonderful accessory and the sense of style it can convey.

I’ll be listing two hats tomorrow on my Etsy site. The first is a collapsible top hat, probably originally worn for a formal event. The second is a straw boater or skimmer, some 75 to 80 years old, just perfect for a summer outing.

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4 thoughts on “Men’s Hats – Revived Fashion Statement

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  4. Hi Bethune,I want to make myself a ctoansafir for a wedding in june. I bought some sinamay and was trying to roll the edges like in your video, but they don’t stay they just unravel! How do you get them to stay? Also how would I attach it to my headband? I was going to glue it to fucky foam piece in the same colour. Using a glue gun. The sinamay that I got is frayed at the edges and spiky! I look forward to hearing from you shortly.Susan

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