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Fashion’s Folly – Vanity Thy Name is Fashion

Fashion Folly

I came across this fantastic little book the other day while shopping at my favorite antiques mall. In this book, entitled – “Fashion’s Folly”,  the authors intent was to mock and poke fun at fashion, fashion magazines and fashion photography of the time. The time was 1954 and I’ll let the authors explain their motivations –

Vanity, vanity, thy name is fashion. And fashion’s favorite vanity fare is the fashion magazine – that exotic catchall for the contorted pose, the bored expression, the Victorian objet d’art, the plazas, palaces and pomp of the old world, the geometric shapes of the new, the Jaquars, the tiaras, and the diamonds, and all other fancies of a very, very never never land. How high fashion has flown!

The authors of this book have devoted themselves modestly to the gentle pricking of the pearl – encrusted balloon of high fashion – this in the hope of bringing it somewhat closer to earth. It is also their hope that the ground observer – and even the balloon passengers – will find it fun.

Well, this book is great fun. The authors have selected specific magazine fashion shots and paired them with hilarious and irreverent captions.

Here are a few examples [click on image to enlarge] –

I’m still laughing and I’ve read this book 10 times already.

So fashionistas, let’s not take ourselves too seriously or we might end up in a book like this one day.

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