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Summer Necklaces


The Memorial Day holiday has just passed ushering in the true summer season. Light weight and simple clothing is generally the norm for this time of year. How great to be able to liven up your wardrobe with a unique statement necklace. The trends are all over the place this season but I’ve picked out a few interesting and moderately priced pieces for your consideration that just might make summer even more fun.

Check out Elle online for the Michael Kor’s summer lucite fashion necklace.

Or check out Etsy for a more affordable alternative.

Lucite Bubble Necklace

Available at MissUFO

Below are some other fun summer necklace options:

Summer Rings

Find this necklace at nygstyle

Turquoise, Aquamarine,Crystal Quartz Necklace

From GiGi B Designs

Sterling Silver Swirls


Art Glass Necklace

At 2 Sisters Jewels

And lastly a blatant attempt at self promotion……………… Direct from slapmefabulous:

Art Deco Lucite Disc Necklace
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Ethnic Jewelry as Fashion

Ethnic Jewelry

Not a new trend, by any means, the wearing of ethnic jewelry has always added a unique perspective to all aspects of fashion. The appreciation of artistry from different cultures, in my humble opinion, shows a high level of sophistication and an understanding of the value that fine traditional crafts have for many around the globe. By adorning yourself with ethnic jewelry you are embracing the culture and traditions of the various regions of the world. You are also recognizing the artists that created it as well as defining you own unique personal style.

I have a few exceptional examples of antique and vintage ethnic jewelry that I would like to share with you.

The first two pieces pictured are Turkoman pendants. These necklaces were crafted by the nomadic peoples of central Asia and date from the 19th century. Notice the elegant and intricate designs made with gilded silver and adorned with Carnelian cabochons.

[Click on image to enlarge]

The next picture presents a vintage or antique necklace from Yemen. This necklace displays gorgeous and richly detailed silver work adorned with carnelian stones and small glass beads on the prayer box. An interesting note about silver jewelry from Yemen is that much of it was made by Jewish artisans from a community that was established there at the time of King Solomon.

The following item is truly amazing and refined. This bracelet is done in fine silver on wool and every small puzzle piece in the bracelet is held by the wool. Most definitely of middle eastern origin.

The last item is a cuff bracelet from Yemen which features an inlaid silver design with set carnelian stones.

We’ve only scratched the surface of ethnic and tribal jewelry but maybe you’ve been a little inspired to collect a piece or two along the way.

Let me know what you think.