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Vintage Bathing Suits – Art Deco Summer Fashion 1930

I’m supposing that we all know the history of bathing suits. Evolving from the extreme cover ups of the last century to the extreme non cover ups of our present time. I’ve come across this interesting bound album of period colored photos. Created around 1930 or so these were probably used as promotional tools for bathing suit salesmen or as a preview of  beach fashions for the coming season.

Check out these sporty art deco beauties…………………

Click on picture to view enlargement.

Here are some interesting sites that feature vintage and vintage inspired bathing suits:

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Elizabeth’s Vintage Shop. Vintage Clothing, Vintage Holiday and so much more.

Elizabeth's Shop

Let me tell you about the best kept secret in New Jersey.

Have you ever been to Elizabeth’s Vintage Shop at the flea market on rt. 29 about a mile south of Lambertville? If not then you’ve missed a delightful treasure trove of pure vintage. Go up the small hill at the top of the market and enter a shop like no other. You’ll find racks bursting with vintage clothing from the Victorian era to the 1980’s. Each garment is presented in pristine condition – washed and neatly pressed.

Her selection includes vintage gloves, purses, lace trims, appliques, millinery details and her specialty – vintage hats. It’s spring now and the shop is filled to the brim with floral hats in bright summer colors. White Victorian blouses, floral summer dresses, neat linen frocks, cool silk and rayon lingerie, light spring sweaters, really so much to take in and so many wonderful choices.

Elizabeth also carries a large collection of vintage perfume related items along side showcases packed with vintage holiday memorabilia. If you’re looking for that special 1950’s stuffed rabbit for your Easter celebration you’re sure to find it here. Are you still searching for that Santa Claus ornament you remember since childhood? Elizabeth probably has it tucked away in a corner shelf.

There aren’t many shops like Elizabeth’s left and entering it is really like taking a trip back in time.

Shop is open Wed/ Sat and Sunday.

Here are some very recent pictures of the shop. Hope you enjoy.

Click on images to enlarge.

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Christian Dior – The New Look


Christian Dior turned the fashion world on its head on February 12, 1947 when he introduced his first line which came to be known as the “New Look” featuring rounded shoulders, a cinched waist, and very full skirt. The “New Look ” celebrated femininity and opulence in women’s fashion. Dior created a sumptuous and lavish look that broke away from the spare and masculine styles of the war years. This was a totally new direction for fashion and helped return Paris to its place as fashion capital of the world.

I’ve scoured Etsy and have found some beautiful garments from that time and style. How wonderful that we can still experience first hand these gorgeous and historical works of art.

1950s Vintage Traina - Norell Silk Print Womens Dress and Skirt1950s Vintage Traina – Norell Silk Print Womens Dress and Skirt from marvita13

Vintage 50s 1950s couture designer CEIL CHAPMAN black bombshell wiggle cocktail dress The ultimate little black dressCEIL CHAPMAN black bombshell wiggle cocktail dress The ultimate little black dress from Xtabayvintage

Circle Skirt Pin Up Bomb Shell Sundress Cocktail Party Prom Dress 32 BustCircle Skirt Pin Up Bomb Shell Sundress Cocktail Party Prom Dress 32 Bust from Badgirlvintage

Vintage 1950s White FRENCH BUTTERFLY Cotton Party Dress M/LVintage 1950s White FRENCH BUTTERFLY Cotton Party Dress M/L from millstreetvintage

Vintage 50's Taffeta Evening Dress, Black and White Check with Lipstick Red AccentsVintage 50’s Taffeta Evening Dress, Black and White Check with Lipstick Red Accents from VintageDevotion

Floating Frills... A 1950s Tulle and Lace White Wedding Dress with Four Decadent Tiered LayersFloating Frills… A 1950s Tulle and Lace White Wedding Dress with Four Decadent Tiered Layers from Fabgabs

Let me know what you think!

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Vintage Fashion Accessories


It was a busy weekend in New York City last weekend. After covering the Stella Pier Antiques Show I  cabbed down to the gallery launching of  Stacy LoAlbo’s new book entitled, “Vintage Fashion Accessories”.

Pulling up to the MH gallery, on west 20th street,  I was pleasantly surprised to see a large and lively crowd all gathered to celebrate the culture of vintage fashion.

LoAlbo, seated in the front of the gallery, was busy signing copies of her new book. As she explained to me;  not everyone can or wants to dress in full vintage mode. However, there are many who could easily spice up their contemporary wardrobe with some smart and unique vintage accessories. A mod handbag, a pair of vintage snake skin boots, a feathered hat, a sparkling vintage costume brooch or even a Salvador Dali necktie can all create a unique fashion statement.

Stacy LoAlbo, who owns the Incogneeto vintage boutique in Somerville, New Jersey, has also written numerous articles on vintage fashion for several newspapers, participated in dozens of shows in the field, given symposiums and lectures and has held several vintage clothing fashion shows. Her long experience in the field of vintage fashion has given her an evolved sense for fashion modes and trends.

Quoting the gallery notes

There are historical and cultural associations with vintage clothing and accessories. LoAlbo, in her new book, has given us lessons on that sentiment. The pages are filled with photography of dresses, hats and accessories with artfully cropped images of product shots by Jimmy Lin and Marguerite Ruscito. A book more for the fashionista or vintage collector, it easily crosses the boundary of art as it emphasizes the beauty, uniqueness and sensuality of these vintage items spanning an era that starts in the stylish early 1900’s to the plaids of the 1970’s.

Tons of great vintage accessories, people dressed in all their vintage finery, lots of books being signed and good conversations made for a great night.

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Bakelite jewelry, Vendome, Trifari, Hobe, Alice Caviness, Regency and so much more.

Marcy Drexler

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Stella Pier Antiques Show in New York City. There were a myriad of beautiful booths displaying folk art, fine art, antiques, vintage clothing and vintage jewelry.

One of my favorite booths was that of Marcy Drexler aka – Little Shiny Objects. Marcy is a long time vintage jewelry dealer who consistently presents a gorgeous display of vintage Bakelite as well as an exciting assortment of costume jewelry.

I captured a few images that I thought you might enjoy.

Check out the incredible green and fuchsia necklace by Vendome and the staggering rows of carved and inlaid vintage Bakelite bracelets. I’ve been fascinated by Bakelite for many years and have always been attracted to the fun shapes and colors. I really think the appeal comes from the fact that it all looks like candy. Subconsciously, I probably want to taste every piece.

I should also mention Marcy’s collection of poodle purses, in the gallery above, which soon will be gracing the pages of Italian Vogue. Look for them at your local newsstand.

All in all a great booth filled with shiny vintage treasures.

If you’d like to get in touch with Marcy her contact information is –

For her store and auctions click here

Enjoy the pictures.

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The Little Black Cocktail Hat

black Hat

We all know that fashion changes and almost nothing more so than the fashion of hats. Those charming and sometimes absurd creations we balance on the top of our well coiffed heads. From Victorian times up until the mid 20th century hats were a must. No self respecting fashion plate would be seen without one.

Modern hats went from being the overdone floral, feathered and ribboned concoctions of the Victorian and Edwardian era to the more spare, sculptural and minimal of the mid 20th century.

In this post I’d like to focus on the more spare and sculptural hats of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. Cocktail hats to be more specific. I’ve always enjoyed the classic black cocktail hat of that period. Many of these are like little sculptures, titled, bent, tortured works of satin, felt, raffia or straw.

It’s not too late in the party season to don a neat cocktail hat for an evening out.

Check out these sweet hats I’ve selected that are currently available from various Etsy dealers.

I hope you enjoy… let me know what you think!

Vintage 1940s Deco Womens Black Cocktail Hat

Vintage 1940s Deco Womens Black Cocktail Hat from marvita13

Vintage 1950s Mr. Arnold Womens Black Pill Box Cocktail Hat

Vintage 1950s Mr. Arnold Womens Black Pill Box Cocktail Hat from marvita13



Mysterious Lady 30s 40s Black Ostrich Feather Hat Evelynvaron

Mysterious Lady 30s 40s Black Ostrich Feather Hat Evelynvaron from tammym1972

 crazy little 1950s atomic era hat by Shorlon

crazy little 1950s atomic era hat by Shorlon from Tottie Vintage

Black and Purple Straw Accordian Hat
Okay, it's not completely black and I am not certain of its age... but is definitely deserving of a Slap Me Fabulous special mention!

Black and Purple Straw Accordion Hat from Sana Chante

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Aristocrats of Fashion – 1940


I don’t know about you but all this frigid weather has me thinking about summer. Check out this vintage fashion footage from 1940. It’s a promotional feature spotlighting fashions for sport and evening wear, all made from Bemberg rayon.

Rayon: the new wonder fabric. Light, cool and easy to clean. What more could a girl want? Well maybe a lifetime membership to a private country club I guess.

Watch this clip from, it’s a campy trip back to a fantasy world of long ago.

[flv:AristocratesOfFashion_post1.flv aristocrats.png 320 240]